Is it a Good Idea to Sell Bale during the Summer?

Is it a Good Idea to Sell Bale during the Summer?


Zinedine Zidane and Florentino Pérez met this week to plan the transfer market and the squad for the next season. The manager doesn’t want many changes in the squad but there are some players who want to leave the club and Real Madrid will receive some appealing offer to sell other footballers. Among the rumours, L’Equipe published that Manchester United will bid for Gareth Bale, so Los Blancos will have money to sign Kylian Mbappé. Would you sell Gareth Bale?

Among the hundred of rumours that we can read during the summer, Bale’s name is not among them. In the past, the Welshman was linked to Manchester United or Manchester City as he was supposed to come back to his country. Bale’s injuries are preventing him to show his best level with Real Madrid, so it could be a good option to sell him if a good offer arrives.

Gareth Bale played only 19 games during La Liga this season, scoring 7 goals. He started the season quite well, but he got injured several times, the last one in El Clásico. Because of these problems, he lost importance in the squad and missed important games like the Champions League semi-finals or final. Isco replaced him, showing better level and giving more balance to the team, now playing with a 4-4-2 formation.

Bale says he’s happy in Spain and his family is very settled in the Spanish capital. However, he’s not able to speak Spanish yet and the supporters don’t seem to like him very much. In his first season, he scored very important goals in the Champions League final in Lisbon and in the Copa del Rey final against FC Barcelona, but he has lost this role in the team.

L’Equipe published this week that Zidane called Mbappé to convince him to join Real Madrid. The French newspaper says that Bale could leave the club and go to Manchester United, so there will be room for the French player. The question is: Is it a good idea to replace Bale for Mbappé?

Real Madrid paid around €100M to Tottenham Hotspur in 2013. No one doubts about his quality and skills, but he has a problem with the injuries. It’s very difficult to be a top player and a very important footballer at Real Madrid if you visit the nursery room more often than the pitch. Should Florentino sell Bale?


  1. Comment:yes of cos? to me Gareth Bale is not good enough at the moment, mbaffe? the rising star who all’s european Club’s in the world love to see the sensation teenager Mbaffe to Play for them, however, bale has won 3 champions league in madrid, while mbaffe not, so help mbaffe to be the best in the world, please let bale, leave, even for €70m. bcoz NO loose he has won coper delray, semi, champion 3 times please please please let’s him leave Real Madrid, and sign us MBAFFE. ITS ME YOUR PANS MRJAMAN4REAL. @IG.

  2. Foolish to sell a player like Bale its like seeing results without him injured will be the Normal for other players each one just as valuable Today as they were Prior to Injury Bale is Now Fit and he is a play- match winner MBAFFE will take time to play with Ronaldo would seem more of a struggle there, I can understand ZZ wanting to speak French to Strikers But everyone thinks that they win everything without Bale are Crazy Bale has so much range of Talent, people overlook He Heads, He can Throw from Touch, he can sprint and has a power Shot in Both Feet.and Plays for a Team! Maybe next season 2019 would look at Options then! RM young guns exiting but we have long season and need every bit of Help! its not His Fault he got Injured ! can happen to any Galactico.

  3. Bale is untouchable at Real Madrid, people don’t realize how inportant Bale is by Real Madrid, even the so called supporters!!

    Bale won’t be sold!!