Iker Casillas: La Decima more important than the World Cup

Iker Casillas: La Decima more important than the World Cup

Iker Casillas

Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas stated after Los Blancos won La Decima that “this is more important than the World Cup.”

After 12 years waiting to become European champions again, La Decima had become an obsession for Los Merengues, and Casillas couldn’t hide his relief: “It is so long since we won it, and it’s the Decima, which is a round number.”

“It was a very tough final, I think they scored a lucky goal. We tried during the 90 minutes and given our chances I think it was just. They defended well, they play another kind of football that is also effective,” he added.

“We missed a few chances, put some away and luckily everyone will remember that Madrid won a European Cup in Lisbon. I can’t complain because it was my error that the side had to come back from and were able to win. In the second half of extra time we were both very tired, but they felt it more. I think when Bale’s goal went in it killed them,” Casillas told the press.

The Spanish international also had kind words for their city rival: “We have to congratulate Atletico for their part and everyone who has come here and those who have stayed home. They will have suffered as much as we have and they can say they’re European champions. There was no bad blood between the fans. They have shown dignity and respect.”