Casemiro’s important injury

Casemiro’s important injury


After the three consecutive draws against Villarreal, Las Palmas and Borussia Dortmund now it´s the moment to think what is happening in Real Madrid. Los Blancos started very good equalizing the record that Guardiola had with 16 wins in a row in La Liga but now it looks the streak has stopped.

The major problem that Zinedine Zidane has is the injury of his midfielder Casemiro. Los Blancos have not won since the injury of Casemiro against Espanyol. Zinedine Zidane is trying to find a solution to this problem but he still didn´t find it. The French manager has tested different players in the position Casemiro usually plays, but anybody is giving the balance he gives. Kroos is a player that likes to incorporate to the attack and he doesn´t feel very confortable in that position. The best years of the German was playing betweeen the stopper and the forwards. Zinedine Zidane also tried to replace Casemiro with Kovacic, but the Croatian midfielder is a player that likes to move around all the pitch, and in that position you don´t have the freedom of movements.

As we published a few weeks ago, the Brazilian midfielder is a very important player in the squad because he is the only stopper Real Madrid have. It´s really strange that Real Madrid didn´t sign any player of Casemiro’s characteristics. Ancelotti had the same players Zinedine Zidane has now. The Italian manager tried 2 years ago on a match against Juventus with Sergio Ramos but the results were not very positive.

Since Xabi Alonso left Madrid to sign with Bayern, Los Blancos didn´t sign a player that gives the balance to the team. Rafa Benitez decided that he needed a player of that characteristics and he decided that Casemiro should be part of the first squad, after the loan in Porto.