Should Isco Remain at Real Madrid?

Should Isco Remain at Real Madrid?


After a terrible season with 11 defeats in La Liga and 17 in the whole year, Real Madrid need a revolution to get rid of some players who won everything for the club, but they are not able to give anymore of their quality. A renovation is needed, but according to the Spanish media, many stars will still remain in the club. Bale, Llorente and Ceballos won’t continue -the Welshman was again ruled out of the list against Real Sociedad-, but many others will stay in the Spanish capital. Marcelo, Modric, Kroos, Casemiro, Asensio or Isco are some of the ones to blame.

All of them have had Zinedine Zidane’s trust after his return. It’s uncertain the future of many of them, but for sure they haven’t shown their quality, either with Lopetegui, Solari or Zidane. One of the most especial cases is Isco’s. The talented playmaker was the star under Lopetegui, but he had problems with Solari and was left either on the bench or out of the list very often. Press conference after press conference, journalists asked Solari about his situation, but Isco remained out of the team.

Zidane’s arrival changed the situation but his performances are still terrible. We don’t have to point him out, as all of his team mates are also showing very poor quality during the last games of the season, but the Andalusian player should be trying to show the supporters and the couch that he is still a valid player for the future of Real Madrid.

The Spanish press published that Zidane wants him for the next season. Meanwhile, James Rodríguez should be back to Madrid, but probably to leave again the club. Does really Isco deserve another chance with Los Blancos? No one would argue his quality, but he has often showed a lack of professionalism and hasn’t ever been a very important player in the team.

Now the manager and the club need to Zidane which player deserves to stay in Real Madrid. Also it would depend on the offers and the quality of the market., but with Hazard’s arrival and perhaps Eriksen or other midfielder, it’s fair to ask ourselves if Isco would have space in the new Real Madrid.