Courtois and Luca Zidane, the Goalkeepers for the Next Season

Courtois and Luca Zidane, the Goalkeepers for the Next Season


Zinedine Zidane starts to make decisions for the next season. We already published that Bale, Ceballos and Marcos Llorente won’t continue in the team, and now the manager has told Keylor Navas that the chosen one to defend the Real Madrid goal will be Thibaut Courtois. The second goalkeeper will be his son, Luca Zidane, whereas Lunin will be the third one.

Zizou has always trusted Keylor Navas and his arrival opened the door to the Costa Rican, who has had a very difficult season on the bench with Lopetegui and Solari. The ‘tico’ won three Champions League titles being a decisive player but the club has always wanted a new goalkeeper. Last summer they signed the best goalie in the World Cup, Thibaut Courtois, who was the chosen one for the future of the club.

However, the Belgian player season hasn’t been as good as expected, same as the other players. Keylor Navas had fewer opportunities but he’s a great professional and made a good job. Besides, he’s one of the favourite players of the supporters. All these things make us wondered what would be Zidane’s choice. Now it’s clear: Thibaut Courtois.

The club made an effort and spent a good amount of money to bring him to the club. Besides, he’s much younger than Navas, so it makes sense to choose Courtois. Now Keylor Navas has to find a new club, something quite difficult because he earns €5M per year and he’s 32 years old.

The second important decision is to choose the second goalkeeper and Zizou took a controversial choice. Luca Zidane (21) will be the Courtois replacement next season even if he has little experience at the top level. Andriy Lunin, signed last year and given on loan this season to Leganes where he was always on the bench, will complete the goalkeepers list in the squad.