Isco’s Problems with the Extension of his Contract

Isco’s Problems with the Extension of his Contract


Isco’s contract expires in June 2018 and Real Madrid bosses have already approached the player to talk about a new deal. However, both parties haven’t met yet to negotiate the extension of the contract and, according to Isco, there is no rush.

The player was asked about this issue after the victory in Lisbon: “I still have this year and the next one. The two of us want to do it. We hope we can fix this”, the Spaniard said after winning the ticket to the Last 16 Round in the Champions League.

Isco’s situation is quite tricky. The player had still to make his Champions League debut but he finally played in Lisbon. This fact triggered the rumours and some clubs were thinking of him for the winter transfer window. Especially, Tottenham Hotspur or Juventus showed interest on him.

At the moment, Isco is not thinking in changing team. According to Marca, the Málaga born player is telling every club that he wants at least €10M per year. Isco was about to leave Real Madrid in August and he had to tell the press in the transfer day deadline that he was not going to leave the club.

With his new role, especially after the game at Vicente Calderón, Isco is happier about his situation. He finally feels the confidence given by Zidane and he’s showing that off in the pitch. With Bale’s injury, Isco will have more opportunities to play in the position of the offensive midfielder behind two strikers –Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo– and show his quality.

Isco knows his quality and his skills. For this reason, he’s going to ask the club for an important pay raise. Real Madrid have recently renewed Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale and Isco wants the same treat. He arrived in 2013 from Málaga with a transfer fee of €30M and he has won, among other trophies, two Champions League in this time. Isco wants to continue and Real Madrid expect him to stay. Do we have a deal?