Jese Rodriguez, a model son and father

Jese Rodriguez, a model son and father

Jese Rodriguez father Pascual

Jese Rodriguez’s parents must be very proud of him, but not only for his incredible performances on the field. Despite his young age -he’s only 21 years old- the Canary Islands born player is more mature than many footballers.

Since he arrived at the Real Madrid youth teams, he has only had one goal: Becoming a world-class star and allow his father Pascual to retire from his job at a drugs store.

Jese has already fulfilled one of his dreams, signing a professional contract with Los Blancos first squad. And in his first year making good money as a football player he’s invested his salary in buying a house in Gran Canaria for his parents Pascual and Maria.

Both of them made a great effort to help Jese achieve his dreams, and the rising football star has given them his gratitude in return as soon as he has been able to. Despite living away from his family for a number of years now, Jese maintains a strong bond with them. In fact, he’s got the names of his parents tattooed in his hands, and the name of his brothers in his calf muscle.

Jese, also a loving father

Many people don’t know that Jese is already father to a one year and a half boy, whose name and date of birth is also tattooed in his arm. Moreover, the name of the kid -Jese Junior- is written in the Audi he was gifted by Real Madrid’s sponsor.

The child lives in the Canary Islands with his mother, with whom Jese is not in a relationship anymore, but the footballer travels there as often as he can to see him. In fact, he brought him to his training with Real Madrid Castilla once, for his teammates to meet him.

Although leaving so far from his beloved family is not easy, Jese has found great support in Paralimpic swimming medallist Enhamed Enhamed, who is a good friend of his and a source of inspiration. His manager Gines Carvajal has also help him in turning from a teenager who liked to party a lot, to a mature father and focussed professional.