Jorge Valdano: Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid was below average

Jorge Valdano: Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid was below average


Jose Mourinho’s time as Real Madrid manager was “below average” in the history of the biggest club in the world, says Jorge Valdano.

The self-annointed Special One proved he wasn’t quite as special as he thought, by failing to land the much coveted Decima Champions League trophy, despite having millions of euros to spend at his disposal every summer to strengthen the side.

In his three-year stint in the Spanish capital, Mourinho guided his team to success in the Copa del Rey and La Liga. However, his legacy is one of being a trouble maker. Never happy unless he is insulting someone, Mourinho fell out with rival managers, the Spanish football authorities and even many members of his own squad.

Despite claiming he was a new person when appointed as Chelsea manager again in the summer, saying he would be calm and more respectful, he is evidence you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as he’s spent the last few weeks taking personal aim at Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

And speaking in Guatemala, where Valdano is promoting his new book, the Real legend said: “Jose Mourinho’s spell in charge of Real Madrid was below the historical average for the club.”