Jorge Valdano: English football lacks tactical sophistication

Jorge Valdano: English football lacks tactical sophistication


Former Real Madrid sporting director Jorge Valdano has spoken disparagingly about English football saying it lacks ‘tactical sophistication’.

The ex-Argentina international, who played for and managed Los Blancos, was interview by Cataluña based newspaper Mundo Deportivo and was asked about the impact Pep Guardiola could have on the Premier League as a whole when he joins Manchester City.

The ex-Barcelona boss will take over the Citizens at the end of the current campaign after he decided not to renew his deal at Bayern Munich.

And Valdano said that the three Spanish teams left in the Champions League – Atletico de Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid – have a much greater chance of success at winning the tournament this year compared to the three English teams – Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City.

Discussing the English league, Valdano said that while it is exciting, there is no focus on tactics and much of outcome of games it is emotion based, driven largely by the fans rather than what the coaches do on the sidelines.

“The Spanish clubs have a very large window for success compared to the other teams. We fill our mouths talking about the Premier League, but it is far from competitive with Spain,” he stated.

And he added: “English football is deeply rooted in culture in which the public celebrates a throw-in or a corner. It is a football that lacks tactical sophistication, in which teams are driven by a very large emotional climate created by the public more so than the coaches.”