Keylor Navas, Donnarumma or De Gea: Which One Would you Choose?

Keylor Navas, Donnarumma or De Gea: Which One Would you Choose?


One role that Real Madrid can improve in the summer transfer window is the goalkeeper one. Keylor Navas showed flaws and he’s faced several controversy and criticism during the season, but he stood up and won La Liga and the Champions League with great performances. Now, the debate is opened: Should Real Madrid sign a new goalkeeper?

Gigi Donnarumma announced last week that he won’t renew his contract with AC Milan, expiring in 2018. So now, the club needs to sell him to get some money out of him and his agent, Mino Raiola, said that Real Madrid have already made a bid. Besides, David De Gea has been a target for Los Blancos in the last three years and Florentino Pérez looks focused on getting him after the problems with the paperwork in the deadline day two years ago.

David De Gea is 26 years old and he’s been playing for Manchester United for the last six years. Before, he was defending Atlético Madrid’s t-shirt. He’s the goalkeeper of the Spanish national team and he wants to live in Madrid as his girlfriend and family are in the capital. De Gea’s transfer fee would be very high, around €75M, perhaps the highest transfer fee ever paid for a goalkeeper.

On the other hand, Gigi Donnarumma is 18 years old and he’s played the last two season for AC Milan, becoming one of the best goalkeepers in Serie A and the Buffon’s replacement in the national team. His transfer fee would be very low and he has a great future in front of him. The flaw is that he has not the experience of De Gea or Keylor Navas, as he has never played the Champions League, for instance.

Then, we have Keylor Navas. The Costa Rican goalkeeper is 30 years old and he arrived to Real Madrid in 2014 from Levante after paying €10M. That summer, Keylor showed off with his national team in the Brazilian World Cup. During his first season, he had to compete with Iker Casillas and he didn’t have many opportunities. Then, with Zidane on the bench, he’s been always in the line-up, winning back-to-back titles of the Champions League. He has committed many mistakes this season, but he ended up the year with great performances and he has the support of his colleagues and the coach.

Taking all this in consideration, what should Florentino Pérez do? Should he support Keylor Navas as the goalkeeper like the Real Madrid players want? Should he spend a lot of money for De Gea? Should he think about the future and sign Donnarumma?


  1. Comment: HALA MADRID please sign us DAVID DEGEA or DONNARUNNMA, let kaylor navas leave, because he is 31 years of old, he is not Spanish degea is Spanish player you BETTER prefered Donnarumma or degea than kaylor navas, he has win 2 champions League trophy, let him leave PLEASE

  2. Comment:k navas is far more beter than them because Spanish football needs a goal keeper that is good in one on one for me navas is the best

  3. This website should be called “Anti-Real Madrid News”, if you support Real Madrid you should support Keylord, as simple as that!!

  4. NAVAS is the BEST: he won 2 UCL and will continue over the next years to be decisive and improve!
    The other 2 are good but Madrid does not need them as the 2 previous years proved it! 😉
    Nationality is nothing, talent is everything and Zidane, Ramos, Ronaldo and all the players love NAVAS, there is a good reason why they back him up!
    The italian is good but not at the level of Navas (He can improve but he did nothing with Milan).
    De Gea probably closer with a different style. But Man U did not need him in the UEFA cup to win whereas Navas saved the game against Pjanic (De Gea is not as fast as Navas to dive to the ground so the goal might have happened and Juventus would have had more chances to win!).
    Navas was decisive after his recovery (like Ronaldo) and saved Madrid in the finish line.
    If ZINEDINE ZIDANE, Best coach and player in the world, wants him, it’s for a good reason 😉
    Hala Madrid!
    Cheers from a former Keeper

  5. Navas should remain and donnarumma should be bought for the future. More preferably he should remain in acmilan till 20 yrs