LEAKED: Gareth Bale transfer from Tottenham real cost

LEAKED: Gareth Bale transfer from Tottenham real cost


Real Madrid have always claimed that Gareth Bale cost 91 million euros. However, Football Leaks has revealed that Los Blancos actually paid Tottenham Hotspur almost 101 million to sign the Welsh winger.

This website has leaked the full transfer documents of Bale’s move to Madrid back in the summer of 2013. The contract leaked reveals that the Welshman actually cost 99,743,542 euros, plus a solidarity fee of 1,015,875, making a total 100,759,417 euros.

Los Merengues had always claimed Bale had cost less than Cristiano Ronado in order to appease the Portuguese. In fact, British journalist Jonathan Northcroft has recently revealed that he was asked not to mention the subject in an interview with Bale “because Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t like to see that other player cost more than him.”

That was so important for Los Blancos that they included a clause in the contract that forbid Tottenham to disclose any financial details of the deal. Point 15 of the agreement explains that only Real Madrid can inform the press about the cost of the transfer, and that they would claim it was 91 million.

“The parties acknowledge that Real Madrid shall issue a press release in which they only economic details given will be that the price of the operation is the amount of 78,171,930 Pounds Sterling. Tottenham agrees that it shall not issue any press release in which it refers to the economic aspects of this agreement,” the contract reads.

The price of the Welshman could be even higher than 101 million, since the contract shows that Los Merengues renounced to receive from Tottenham the amount Spurs owed them for Raphael Van der Vaart’s transfer. The Dutch reportedly cost 10.3 million euros.

Bale’s agent demands an investigation

Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett has called for an investigation following this leak. He has called the reports “outrageous” and demanded “an inquiry and an independent investigation.”

“I think it’s disgraceful that people can get hold of this sort of stuff. It shows complete disregard for both clubs and the player,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

In the past months, Football Leaks has also revealed the contracts of Neymar, Martial and Pedro Leon among other, plus several documents from Doyen Investment Fund that operates mainly in Spain and Portugal.