Lucas Silva set for Premier League move

Lucas Silva set for Premier League move


Real Madrid have decided to send Lucas Silva on loan so he can keep growing at a team where he has plenty of minutes of play.

Many La Liga sides had asked for a loan, but it seems like the most probable destination for the Brazilian is the Premier League, as three British clubs are reportedly willing to bid high for signing him.

Website has claimed Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are interested in signing the 22-year-old, who arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu back in January.

However, these clubs seem to seek a permanent transfer, and Madrid are only considering a loan move for now.

The fact that Silva has a non-EU passport is an obstacle for his stay at Real Madrid, as Los Blancos already have reached the limit of three foreign players: Danilo, James Rodriguez and Casemiro.

Plus, there are four players ahead of him in the fight for a spot in the starting eleven: Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Casemiro and Asier Illarramendi.

Should Illarramendi leave, Silva could have options of staying at Madrid if any of the foreigners or himself gets an EU passport. However, that seems highly unlikely to happen.


  1. Comment:silva is young player with alout of expirience which should stay to attain more experience than departch to other club as barcelona produced young players that made them favourable balance such as messi, iniesta, pedro,alcantra tiago, pique Gerrard,valdez,rafinha all started from low level to high profile. So naw my advise is not to sale or loan these peature players like illarimendi,lucas silva, casemiros, Nacho its time not much they will adapt by motivating them though show love,adequate confidence and medium martch not less and not over as balance

  2. Frankly i don’t understand why Real Madrid still have Illarmandi in their squad and why he was signed in the team. For the two seasons he spent with los Bancos, he have not seen a game where he put up a convincing performance. Please, get him away .

  3. Remember When Real Madrid Signed Isco? We didn’t think he would rise to becoming one of the most Talented Midfielders ever it just takes Time and Patience.