Luka Modric Performance in the Season 2016/17

Luka Modric Performance in the Season 2016/17


In a very successful season for Real Madrid, we can all agree that Luka Modric was one of the key points to win the four titles conquered. However, he had again some muscular problems that prevented him to play better and he showed poor performances during the season. Overall, we can say that Modric is still one of the best midfielders of the world.

In our analysis of the season just ended, it’s now turn for Luka Modric. The Croatian midfielder is already 31 years old and we can feel that he’s one of the oldest players of the squad. He has still a great level and no one can doubt about his quality, but this year he played less games and he showed some problems during February and March. However, he was able to arrive at a great level in the most important time of the year.

Talking about the numbers, Modric played 25 games this season in La Liga, seven less than the previous year. Besides, he only scored one goal in La Liga and no goals in the Champions League. However, he was present in all seven games in the knock-out stage of the European competition, being one of the best players of the team.

Zinedine Zidane knows about Modric physical problems, so he’s given the Croatian midfielder a lot of rest during the season. Matteo Kovacic can replace him successfully, but also Isco Alarcón or James Rodríguez could play in his position. Now, even Dani Ceballos, recently signed by Los Blancos, can replace him with guarantees.

Last year he suffered from a knee injury in October and then he had hamstring in January, two injuries that kept him away of the pitches. We expect him to be again one of the most important players of the squad and particularly important in the big games. But we should be use to see him resting much more, as his position requires a lot of physical effort and he’s getting old.


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