Madrid Press: Coward Ancelotti, awful referee

Madrid Press: Coward Ancelotti, awful referee


Barcelona’s 2-1 victory over Real Madrid in El Clasico left Spanish media with the same feeling. All of them highlight that Carlo Ancelotti’s conservative line-up and the referee’s mistake not awarding Cristiano Ronaldo a penalty were the keys of the loss.

Marca titles “Coward Ancelotti, awful referee.” The Madrid sports daily claims “Ancelotti gave Barcelona the first half with his unprecedented line-up invention.” They also state the ref “had a terrible performance, denying Real a clear penalty.”

The other main Madrid sports newspaper, As, claims “Ancelotti and Undiano [the referee] immobilized Real.” PRISA’s paper points out “the manager messed up the team including Gareth Bale as striker.”

“The referee’s fear to concede the penalty stopped Real Madrid’s reaction,” they add. “Alexis sealed the victory with a delightful goal when Barca was having their worst moment,” As points out.

Marca also emphasize the fact that “Alexis sank a Real that deserved more than a loss.”

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  1. The referee has made a mistake which we all saw but that shouldnt be our complain, i believe the reason why we lost is becos Ancelloti did not do the right selection! He should be blamed, for God-sake what are the likes of Zidane doin on the bench while Ancelloti is busy puttin Ramos in d M/F ahead of Illara and Isco? Pepe would have been a beta choice Not Ramos in that position. The way is goin i dont think Ancelloti will take us to d promise land!! He is to be blame for the defeat!!!