Madrid Press: Fans vote for their starting 11

Madrid Press: Fans vote for their starting 11


Real Madrid lost 1-0 to Roma overnight in Dallas meaning their chances of qualifying for the final of the International Champions Cup have been ended. Los Blancos will take on Manchester United in Ann Arbor later this week knowing that they will have no more participation after that. We’ll bring you more on that Roma game later.

For now, the papers are still looking at the transfer of Keylor Navas, and say his presentation could take place as early as today. Everything is in place for the deal now to be announced, and the platform around the President’s Box at the Santiago Bernabeu is still standing, ready for Navas to be presented to the fans.

Until that deal is announced, the papers are filling pages with other material. And AS held a poll among its readers to select what the fans considers to be the best starting 11 for Real Madrid next season.

Despite getting much stick even from fans, Iker Casillas should be the number one according to the results. Indeed the contest between the two goalkeepers wasn’t even close, with the club captain receiving 51,384 votes and Diego Lopez polling 7,733.

The defence should be made up of Daniel Carvajal, Raphael Varane, Sergio Ramos and Marcelo, while the midfield trio should be Toni Kroos, Luka Modric and James Rodriguez, the fans said. Unsurprisingly, the front three should remain unchanged from last season – Bale, Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo.


  1. I think this is a nice selection for crucial matches,but Di Maria, Alonso and Kheidera are also waiting to retain their places in the starting XI. Thanks

  2. thiz fans are getting crazy… Our midfield is weak without alonso! New signings kroos and rodrigues dont fit together so it should be Alonso, Modric , Kroos/rodrigues

  3. Yes;

    I think real didn’t selling Dimaria its too fault, we are starting first 11 between *Iker Cassilas
    * Ramos
    * Pepe
    * Carvajal

    *Toni kross
    *Diego Lopez


  4. No khedira his not a madrid material his moronouh s player and benzema can’t not be relied on james should compete with him period and in the mid alonso is aging so he will compete with kroos, modric is good he can play attacking or defending 6 meaning he can play as alonso khedira and isco as for king cr7 should be rested when ever he scores brace or when we lead by 3 goals all the time to avoid thigh injury again
    Uefa stating 11….
    Carvajal pepe ramos macerlo
    Alonso or kroos
    modric isco

    Bale. James c.Ronaldo

    Subs. Isco for ronaldo and bale
    Varane for pepe
    F.Contrao for macerlo
    Benzema for james
    Di maria must be sold just like bale,ramos and ronaldo they left their clubs at best season as for khedira he can’t play when his against the best teams like barca,man u ,bayern,chelsea,psg and so must be sold

  5. No offense real madrid can not be played by players who think they are the best were as they come from small clubs and were bought by a coach,player who make demands for high wage rate naah eg di maria and khedira they were bought by moron ouh but real Real players are bought by Perez CR7 ,benzema ,alonso,modric,bale.james ,isco,kroos all come from big clubs and all made real sacrifices to come here its a dream to play for Real. For us fan its still a dream for me to go to spain and watch them as m from S.Africa no player can be bigger than his club but players can be bigger than other clubs

  6. As for falcao no we don’t need him he should have came to us last year and he has an injury which can leapfrog us will his leg last against cahill,thiago silva,hummels,sakho,kompany and godin tackles no it won’t so falcao stay at monaco

    This season we need our players to be prepared to to play unusual positions their used to because this season madrid has to win six trophies and no foolish bookings pepe watch the ball not the opponents face,bale don’t shoot in a hurry,marcelo track back fast you know what happend with Ger game ,james don’t try to be the hero be the youngest best striker,kroos we don’t play tikitaka in here we count attack ,benzema no more messes in the box and bad positioning and ronaldo a freekick its a goal and no more falling easily your not a child.penalties are for players with technique not bravehearts