Mariano Could Stay in Real Madrid

Mariano Could Stay in Real Madrid


Los Blancos had several offers from Mariano this summer. Especially, when the team came back after the pre-season tour around the United States, the club had a lot of proposals from different team in La Liga for the Spanish forward.

Even this week, after the Santiago Bernabéu Trophy, everybody thought that Mariano will end up in Leganés. The team was just promoted to La Liga for the first time in their history and the proximity with Madrid made Leganés the perfect exit for Mariano. Besides, Real Madrid wanted to include a clause for Mariano to come back in January to Bernabéu. However, things have changed a lot in the last hours.

According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Real Madrid are still thinking on keeping Mariano. Karim Benzema is still injured and the French will miss the start of the season in San Sebastián. The club is worried for his physical condition as he hasn’t played any game during the pre-season and Benzema only appeared some minutes in the European Supercup, where he didn’t play well and was very slow.

Álvaro Morata is the perfect replacement for Benzema. The former Juventus striker was bought to cover this position and he has similar skills than Benzema. However, Real Madrid cannot have only three strikers -Morata, Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale- for three positions the whole season.

For this reason, Mariano is still one option for Zinedine Zidane. The coach was very happy for his performance and Mariano even scored a wonderful goal in the last friendly game against Stade Reims. Last year, he scored 27 goals in Castilla, a really good number for a young player.

Sevilla, Villarreal or Leganés are clubs interested in getting on loan the Dominican-Spanish striker. Now, Real Madrid have to decide whether to keep him the whole season or give him on loan to a La Liga team and see his evolution.


  1. Comment:Pls Real madrid isnt a small team like Arsenal,you have to consider about UCL and LALIGA,Real madrid wants to compete all and winning it.
    young player cannot compete at all,you have to consider their injures first, before bring to replace with young player.bring world class player to replace with world class player in like LEWENDOWSKY and BENZEMA out.