Top 3 Players Expected To Leave Real Madrid With Zidane Back In...

Top 3 Players Expected To Leave Real Madrid With Zidane Back In Charge


With Real Madrid suffering from lacklustre performance and results, the club has brought back the fan-favourite Zinedine Zidane to lead the team once again. But a new manager means new strategies, tactics, and therefore, changes in the composition of the team. Zidane has reportedly informed the club’s chiefs which of the players he intends to discard come Summer, but he still hasn’t given official statements to the press.

Therefore, it’s up to noticing the hints and sorting through the clues to figure out who will continue playing for Zidane’s former club and who will be left behind. Experts from websites like have been looking at Zidane’s choices in all the games since the man took charge to figure out who is likely to remain and who will be dumped soon. They’ve analyzed his starting lineups, his press conference speeches, player field times, and other factors to come to a conclusion. Let’s discuss some of the top contenders:


Gareth Bale

The Welsh-born forward is one of the frontrunners when it comes to leaving the team in Summer. The team’s new manager is evidently extremely dissatisfied with Bale’s performance. He was given just 9 minutes on field during the Leganes bout a few days ago.

In fact, this is less speculation and more recounting of facts. The 29-year-old’s agent has already been informed by Real Madrid’s general manager Jose Angel Sanchez about the fact that Zidane has no plans for him in the next season. Zizu may not have announced the decision publicly as of yet, but all of the indications that Bale won’t be returning to play with Los Blancos are there to see.


Mariano Diaz

This footballer hailing from the Dominican Republic rejoined Real Madrid last Summer after being transferred from Lyon in exchange for 24 million Euros. However, the return of the prodigal son didn’t turn out all that exciting. He’s only seen 30 minutes of playtime all in all since Zidane took the club over. The striker didn’t even make the final squad in the club’s 2 latest matchups. It seems beyond apparent that Diaz is no longer welcome on Santiago Bernabeu and his fate will likely soon be sealed when Zidan announces his decisions.


Dani Ceballos

Another player who’s unlikely to continue playing in the black and white uniform is Dani Ceballos who joined Real Madrid 2 years ago when he was one of the most desirable young talents in Europe. Unlike the previous two, Zidane actually gave Ceballos a chance against Huesca, allowing the midfielder to play for the entire duration of the match. However, since then, Ceballos hasn’t been given much attention and the only time he was allowed on the field over the next five bouts was against Celta Vigo where he played for 30 minutes. Even though his fate might not be as certain as with Bale and Diaz, Ceballos is still a top contender in our list.