Match Report: Betis 1-6 Real Madrid The most Complete Victory of the...

Match Report: Betis 1-6 Real Madrid The most Complete Victory of the Season


Real Madrid played their eighth match in the regular season against Betis in Benito Villamarín with several news in the starting 11 due to the injuries of Modric, Ramos and Casemiro. Los Blancos won after the four consecutive draws against Las Palmas, Villarreal, Dortmund and Eibar. Marcelo returned to the line up after being a few weeks away from the pitch. Zinedine Zidane decided that Isco, Kovacic and Kroos should be the midfielders in the match against Betis.

Real Madrid started the game very good and they scored the first goal in the fifth minute of the match. A great cross from Kroos ended with a header of Varane, who entered in the line up with Pepe in the defense. In the first 20 minutes Los Blancos had many chances to score the second, but the bar and Adan saved Betis. In the minute 30 Benzema scored the second goal for Los Blancos after another pass of Kroos. Real Madrid were playing a great match and we could saw players as Isco, Kovacic and Kroos being the masters of the midfield. 10 minutes later Marcelo scored the third goal after a rejected of Adan. The superiority of Real Madrid was being amazing and just before finished the first half, Los Blancos did a great counter-attack punished by Isco.

In the second half Los Blancos started to pass the ball and they had the control of the match having four goals of difference. Betis scored their first goal in the match and they shorted the gap to three goals, but the difference was very large. Only 8 minutes later Isco scored his second goal in the game from a great shot from outside the box. Zidane started to do substitutions thinking in the match of Champions -Los Blancos will face against Legia next week-. Lucas replaced Kovacic and Morata also entered to give a rest to Benzema. Cristiano also scored his goal in the minute 80 from a great assist of Morata.

We can say that Real Madrid played the best game of all the season being very safe in the defense and very dynamic in the attack. Betis fought until the end but they couldn’t do anything with the quality of the players managed by Zinedine Zidane.