Zidane: We Really need to Play like today

Zidane: We Really need to Play like today


After yesterdays game in Benito Villamarín against Betis, Zinedine Zidane spoke in press conference and he was very proud of the match his team performed in the eighth game of the regular season. Los Blancos needed a victory after the four consecutive draws and the team answered thrashing away 1-6 in the best match of Real Madrid in this season. Zidane spoke about the intensity of his team, the balance of the match and the fourth goal.

Zidane started the press conference analyzing the match against Betis: “We played a good game since the beginning and the first half was spectacular with a lot of intensity. If you play with this intensity is more difficult for your opponent. We really need to play like today. Betis is a good team but we started very concentrated and it’s difficult for any opponent if we play like this”.

The French manager also talked about the intensity of his players in the game against Betis: “My players are very good and very smart. They knew they had to play the way they did it today. With that intensity from the beginning it’s very difficult for the opponent. Now we have to be satisfied and we should have this match as a reference of how we need to play. Every match away is not easy, and we should play like this if we want to have these results”, Zidane explained about the intensity of the players.

The journalists highlighted the match of Isco, Kroos and Marcelo and Zidane said: “You only highlighted three or four players but I must say that all the team played a great game tonight. The first half was incredible. I can’t say any particular game even the players that entered to the pitch from the bench performed a great match”, Zidane affirmed that all the team performed a great game.

Los Blancos scored a brilliant goal with and incredible counterattack finished by Isco and the journalist didn’t doubt in comment the French manager what he thought of this goal: “I do not know if we will repeat a goal as the fourth one. This is the typical goal that the supporters like because the team scored it only with a few passes and very fast. We must play fast in transition because we know we have quality to do it. I will enjoy watching the fourth goal in the TV”, Zidane explained.


  1. Can someone tell Zinedine Zidane, his faith in Benzema is somehow in excess of what he deserves. Morata needs more minutes on the pitch. Morata, Lucas and Asensio to be fair, need more minutes.