Match Report Real Madrid 3 – Las Palmas 3 Bye Bye to...

Match Report Real Madrid 3 – Las Palmas 3 Bye Bye to the Leadership


Real Madrid are in a very bad moment at this point of the season and they could only draw (3-3) with Las Palmas. Los Blancos played with 10 players because Gareth Bale was sent off in the second half. The team from the Canary Islands was leading 1-3 but they couldn’t get the three points because Los Blancos tried to win in an epic way. This time the comeback ended in a draw, so Barcelona are now leaders in the table with one game still to play for Real Madrid.

However, at the beginning, it looked an easy game for Real Madrid. Las Palmas arrived to Santiago Bernabéu in the worst moment of the season, losing four games in a row and the signings in the winter transfer window weren’t working. Besides, Zidane gave the opportunity to Morata and Isco, who deserved it after the great minutes at Estadio de la Cerámica. It looked even easier when Morata scored in the first minute, but he was in offi-side.

However, the first goal arrived also early. Isco scored in front of Javi Varas to open the score board. No one could think that Real Madrid were going to suffer. But only two minutes later, in the 10’, Tana scored after a great dribbling to Sergio Ramos. Las Palmas were playing really good and Real Madrid were overwhelmed. But everything could go worse.

Crazy second half

In the second half, Gareth Bale was sent off after a stupid tackle. After this, Sergio Ramos committed penalty with a handball and Viera scored from the penalty spot. With ten players and losing, it was time to comeback. But this time it wasn’t possible. In a counter attack, Keylor Navas left the goal and Boateng dribble the goalkeeper to find the net again. It was the 60th minute.

Keylor Navas heard the booes of the stadium and Sergio Ramos could shorten the gap with a shot directed to the bar. Real Madrid had more chances and even Morata scored, but again the referee whistle off-side. Las Palmas also could even thrashed Los Blancos with the counter-attack, especially with Jesé Rodriguez as the main danger.

In this madness, there was time for a penalty to Real Madrid for handball made by Castellano. Cristiano didn’t miss the chance and he scored the second goal. There were only 5 minutes left. In a corner kick, Cristiano headed again a cross from James Rodríguez to draw the game in the 89th minute. Unbelievable, with 10 players and losing 1-3, they were able to equalize the game. There wasn’t time for anymore. It was an epic game but Los Blancos lost the leadership in La Liga. Los Blancos need to improve.


  1. Comment: it’s actually a tough time right now for Real, I think Zidane contributed a lots in this mess, he’s getting it wrong in terms of his selection which i saw it coming, Zizou developed some kind of hatred to some good players which is obvious, i think it’s a high time for him to sit up or else Real’s efforts of clinching Liga title this time around would be prove abortive.