Zidane: We Cannot Look for Excuses with the Referee

Zidane: We Cannot Look for Excuses with the Referee


La Liga title is getting more and more complicated for Real Madrid. After drawing against Las Palmas, it’s quite evident that Real Madrid are not in their best moment and Zidane analyzed the situation after the game in press conference: “We’re not like we wanted. We should have killed off the game, score the second or the third, but we let the rival alive. If you let the rival with the ball the put you in trouble. But we cannot be crazy because we did some good things”, Zidane said.

The manager gave some clues about the game: “We have to analyze again and think what we need to change. And we are going to change it. We made a great effort to draw the game. We have character, we have good things, but we should be smarter, especially in the first half”.

Zizou didn’t want to speak about the referees: “As usual, I’m not going to speak about the referees. We don’t have to look for excuses with that, I look into the things we can improve and I think we can do better. We’re not happy about what we are doing. There are moments in the season like that, three or four games… but we cannot look for excuses with the referee”.

Fernández Borbalán didn’t concede three goals to Morata for offside and he sent off Gareth Bale: “He asked for forgiveness. He is not happy with the red card, but that’s it. This can happen, it’s a fact of the game and we can’t change it. But with 10 players we drew. We have to change our minds”.

Zidane also spoke about the penalty committed by Sergio Ramos: “We can’t change them, not the penalty by Sergio nor the red card to Bale, but we have to think positive. We can be angry for the first half but the effort in the second half was enormous.We are on the same boat and I’m the person in charge”, the manager explained.

The French manager also spoke about the feeling of losing La Liga: “Not at all. I already said that this was going to be complicated. We are not the leaders anymore but La Liga title race is opened. The goal is reached at the end, not now. For the good, we have to stay positive”.