Morata: “I don’t have to prove anything to Zidane”

Morata: “I don’t have to prove anything to Zidane”


The Spanish forward Alvaro Morata recognized he returns to Real Madrid with a different role to before playing two years at Juventus and he said to Spanish TV Cuatro “I agree to be one and fight for a place” but he assures his desire is to “be happy” and be where they want him.

“I don’t have to prove anything to Zidane, I’m not a player of Castilla (the second team of Real Madrid) to say that I have earned the opportunity to be in the Real Madrid’ pre-season”, he said.

“They will decide if they think I’m qualified to be a player of Real Madrid. I’ll give everything to try and fight for a place and if not, another solution would be taken”, he added.

After Real Madrid made official Morata’s resign and we know he will make the preseason to the orders of Zinedine Zidane, the striker thinks only of EURO2016, which is one of the top scorerers with three goals. “Morata would accept to be one more in Real Madrid and fight for a place. A lot of things have changed much since I was in the Real Madrid and all I want is to be happy”, he warns.

However, Morata’s place in Real isn’t assured because maybe Real sell him to any other team is interested in him. But it seems Morata isn’t thinking about it and he’s centered only in the EURO.

“I don’t think a lot about my future because I’m here playing for the Spanish team, trying to win a European Championship. At the moment I’m calm, we must wait and see what happens. Right now I am a Real Madrid player and I can’t say anything”.