Mourinho willing to pay more than 60M€ for a Real Madrid player

Mourinho willing to pay more than 60M€ for a Real Madrid player


Álvaro Morata is the target for a lot of clubs in Europe. The last team showing interest for the Juventus player is Manchester United. José Mourinho wants Morata dressed in red next season and want to push a meeting between both clubs to reach an agreement.

The new project for the Red Devils should be a winner one after several disappointments in the last years. Morata could be sharing the dressing room with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who should be arriving to Manchester this week. This shouldn’t be a problem because both strikers could play together, according to Mourinho.

Reports from Spanish newspaper Marca says that Manchester United can place a bid of 60M€ for the Madrid born striker. Real Madrid can buy Morata for 30M€ if they execute the buyback clause before the 15th of July.

Manchester United have several competitors to get Morata. Antonio Conte, Chelsea’s manager, is also very interested on signing the striker. Actually, the Italian would like to reach an agreement in this week, before the Euro starts.

Morata already said he wanted to play for Real Madrid because it’s his dream but he could have few opportunities at Chamartín. With Benzema, Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo in the frontline, Morata could spend another year on the bench.

At Juventus, he wasn’t always in the starting line up. Despite this important fact, he was able to score crucial goals, for instance the one that gave Juventus the last Coppa Italia. Morata also played a great game against Bayern Munchen in the last 16 game in the Champions League. So it’s clear Morata is made for big games.

Now he has to be the topscorer for the national Spanish team in the Euro. Del Bosque has chosen him as the main reference for the front line and Morata will have a lot of eyes on him


  1. It seems to me like Zizou has something to prove. By rejecting the signing of players like De Gea, R. Rodriguez who can learn from Marcelo and be his potential replacement in the future. So let him get only the players he wants…

    • Anzara you spot on, Zizou is certainly unfazed by hype, the cost of player, his marketability or the board room politics at Real Madrid and I think he is set to position the club to achieve tremendous sporting success, wish him the very best that only legends could achieve at Madrid