Nacho: I feel I’m Living a Dream

Nacho: I feel I’m Living a Dream


Despite the rumours about Nacho leaving Real Madrid next season –the last club interested in the defender was Liverpool-, the Spaniard said that he’s very happy at the moment: “I feel I’m living a dream; lifting a Champions League like the last one, in the morning my son was born, is amazing. It’s one of the best things that ever happened in my life”, said in an interview with

Zinedine Zidane promised Nacho a lot of opportunities this year to convince him to stay. The manager didn’t lie and the defender speaks only good words about his manager: “We were very lucky that he arrived and we won the Champions League, but behind this there is a lot of work. He created a good atmosphere and a positive form. He’s doing a great job and this year we are seeing it. The team is doing great”, Nacho affirmed.

The defender sees a lot of similarities with his manager: “I like him because we are a bit alike, a quite person, he doesn’t agitate when there is a problem. He is very close and that is vital for a coach and the team. Thanks to him we achieved great things and I hope he continues with that. More than tactics or techniques the most important thing is the good atmosphere in the team. The unity of all the players training, you can feel it after playing. It’s true that we work tactically a lot of things”.

Nacho also spoke about his relationship with the Champions League: “It’s a dream playing the Champions League, winning it is amazing. I was very lucky to win two Champions League. It’s the most beautiful things that ever happened in football and we are going to keep working so we can win more. I think in the first one we suffered more, although each one is important”, Nacho reminded.

Finally, the full back spoke about the difficulty of wearing the white t-shirt: “At Real Madrid you can’t lose a friendly game. The pressure is very high and you have to be alert 100%. Every time you wear this t-shirt is a very high responsibility and you have to do it as good as possible. Perhaps for me it’s easier because I’m here since I was 10. Since you are little, this pressure exists and you know the responsibility. You are playing in the best team in the world and since you are young you are learning the things they teach you. When you arrive to the first team, the dimension is even bigger and people look into your job”. Nacho finishes in the interview.