Nacho: We are very Well, I’d Keep the Whole Squad

Nacho: We are very Well, I’d Keep the Whole Squad


Nacho Fernández spoke in the unveiling of the new kit for the season 2017-18. The defender was at Gran Vía, Madrid, in the Adidas store to show the new t-shirts for the next season. The player was surrounded by La Liga title and the Champions League trophy conquered only one month ago.

After all these titles, Nacho agrees with Sergio Ramos and no changes should be done: “Sergio said that there weren’t many things to change in the squad and I agree with my captain. When the things go fine and the group is together, it’s important to keep it. We don’t have a word in the transfer market issue, but as a player of the first squad I think we are very well and I’d keep the whole squad”, Nacho commented.

This was a very special season for Nacho, who has many opportunities and he was a very important man in the squad: “The season we just finished was the best in a collective and personal way. The next one will be much more complicated, we have to win again the titles and this is always more complicated, but we have strength and we are eager, that’s the most important thing”, Nacho said.

Talking in a personal way, it was also a great season for the defender: “Without any doubt, this was my best season, the one that I played the most. I always demanded them for my effort. Thanks to Zidane I felt important and with these players it’s easier to play. I’m happy with this season, not only for the minutes I played but for what we achieved”.

Nacho was a key player in the defense. Everybody talks about the great attacking line, but the Spaniard wanted to highlight the defense: “In a team, the defense is as important, or even more, as the offensive line. If the whole team defends, like this year, it’s the way to get big things”.

Nacho has time now to enjoy his holidays, but he was asked about the pre-season with the physical trainer Antonio Pintus: “The worst thing about football are the pre-seasons, it’s when people run more and we train morning and afternoon. We have a great physical trainer and we are great with him. We are happy with all the managers. We have a difficult season in front of us and we need to rest to achieve the goals”.

Finally, he spoke about the difficulty of winning so many titles: “I wish all the season were like the one we just finished. We have to thank the supporters because they’ve been with us. I wish we could repeat the same season. Among all the things won, I have special affection to La Liga because it was the only title I had never won, but the Champions is special, my third one and the first time a team defend with success the title. It was wanted by all the supporters”.