Nike Superb Offer to Become Real Madrid Sponsor

Nike Superb Offer to Become Real Madrid Sponsor


Nowadays the players you sign don´t give you all the money the team needs. The sponsorhips are taking protagonism in the world of football. All the teams want to have the better deal with their sponsorhip to try get the most possible profit.

Los Blancos signed a contract in 1998 with Adidas in which they received €40M per season. Real Madrid have won 2 Champions League in the last 3 years and Los Blancos are thinking in improveing the contract they signed 4 years ago with Adidas. Real Madrid board thinks the contract they have is too low in comparison with the other important teams who receive more money lifting less titles than Real Madrid. Florentino Pérez proposal to Adidas is a €150M fixed fee and €50M depending on the success of the team during the year.

Real Madrid is in contact with Adidas to improve the contract. This year Adidas signed a new deal with Manchester United of €96M per season and this agreement made other sponsorships to be interested in Real Madrid. The economic difference between Manchester United and Real Madrid made Los Blancos a good club to target.

Nike is the brand trying to reach an agreement with Florentino Pérez. The American company has offer Real Madrid €120M per season. It´s a major improvement and Real Madrid will have to decide which brand is the best sponsor for Real Madrid in the future. The problem is that FC Barcelona signed with Nike the year Real Madrid signed with Adidas, back in 1998. There both brands started a huge competition. Atlético de Madrid, for instance, have also Nike as a sponsor and it will be curious that the the three most important teams in Spain will use the same brand in their kit.


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