Real Madrid and Barcelona Fight for a new Brazilian Pearl

Real Madrid and Barcelona Fight for a new Brazilian Pearl

Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president

Despite the summer market closed on the 1st of September, the big clubs are already working in spotting some young stars. South American football is one of the best markets for these and the specialist travel a lot to the continent to see young footballers playing live. Brazil and Argentina are the biggest markets and Real Madrid also keep an eye on these countries.

According to the Italian newspaper Tuttosport, Real Madrid are following closely the young Brazilian striker Evander Ferreira. The player is also target by Italian giants Juventus, that’s why they are reporting Los Blancos interest in the player. However, Juventus and Real Madrid are not the only European clubs following the youngster, but Barcelona and Chelsea are also watching him.

Evander Ferreira is only 18 years old and he plays for Vasco de Gama. He has only played 10 games with the first squad and he hasn’t scored any goal but he has impressed with his performance. He helped the team to become champion of the Carioca Division I. Evander Ferreira has already played with the Brazilian national team, in Under 17, winning the South American trophy Under 17.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are fighting for another South American player. Both clubs were also interested in the striker Gabriel Jesús, who has already scored great goals with the national team. However, Manchester City were quicker and they signed the attacker for the next Winter transfer window.

Real Madrid interest in young South American players is not new. This year, actually, they signed Sergio Díaz, a Paraguayan striker from Cerro Porteño. Los Blancos paid €5M for the youngster, who is currently playing at Castilla, the second team of Real Madrid. Martin Odegaard, signed from Norway, is another example of the new signing policy of Florentino Pérez, trying to spot talent everywhere in the world.


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