Raúl González: I didn’t see Zidane as a coach

Raúl González: I didn’t see Zidane as a coach


Raúl González Blanco is a Real Madrid legend. He won three Champions League, the last one as a captain and scored two goals in the finals -against Valencia and Bayer Leverkusen. Afterwards, the left the club and played for Schalke, where he was able to reach the Champions League semifinals. Now, Raúl is enjoying the life with his family in New York City, where he played for a team and now has a managerial role.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper As, Raúl talked about all the issues around Real Madrid, including the manager position. Now Zinedine Zidane has taken over Benítez’s role with success but there have been so many coaches in the last few years. There have been 11 managers in the last 13 years: “This is too much. I always say: I’ve had more managers than years playing for Real Madrid. Sometimes, even twice like Capello or Camacho. I think I had 18 or 19”.

Raúl played with Zidane and won with him the 9th Champions League. At that time, Raúl didn’t see the French as a coach: “He wasn’t very talkative. I didn’t see him as a coach. Sometimes you see some players talking about tactical stuff with other players and he didn’t do it. But he had it inside and was a long process. He was in different areas in the club, after with Ancelotti… Finally he decided he wanted to become a coach. Now everybody is very happy. What I can say now is that since he arrived to the first team I see himself as a coach”.

Can Raúl become a coach in the future? “A lot of people around me says I can be a couch. I’m not quite sure yet. I’ll have to listen to the people around me saying that there is a coach in me. Let’s see if he wants to come out or not”.

For sure, it would be very difficult to train Real Madrid. “There is a great media pressure and it’s difficult to handle this dressing room with so many important players. It’s not easy. Zidane has done a great job with that. He had lived that before with Ancelotti”, Raúl finished.