Real Madrid Follow an Atlético Madrid Defender

Real Madrid Follow an Atlético Madrid Defender


Real Madrid are keeping a close eye to the young players shining in the Spanish La Liga. This week, we saw how Los Blancos are very close to sign Betis midfielder Dani Ceballos and we published that Real Madrid scouters are keeping a close eye to the European Championship Under 21. Besides, they are also following an Atlético Madrid defender, Lucas Hernández, who could be interesting for the future.

Lucas Hernández is Theo’s brother, who has signed for Real Madrid after playing one season on loan at Alavés. Theo confirmed his signing with Los Blancos yesterday and he said he’s always been a Real Madrid supporter. On the other hand, his brother has renewed his contract with Atlético Madrid recently and it will be very difficult to sign him.

Their father, Jean-François Hernández, also played for Atlético Madrid and he put his children in the club. Then, both are highlighting as great defenders despite their young age. Theo is already tied and Lucas could be an option for the future.

There aren’t many interesting defenders in the market. According to MARCA, Real Madrid are following Lucas Hernández because they cannot find another interesting defender in the market. The scouters like Marquinhos, but PSG will not be willing to negotiate for him. At the moment, the full back position is covered with Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Nacho Fernández and Jesús Vallejo. The good news are that all are very young, except the captain Ramos.

Lucas Hernández is currently 21 years old and he played 15 games in La Liga. He was also in the line-up of the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals at Santiago Bernabéu suffering a lot as a right-back. Real Madrid understood the problems of Lucas Hernández and Los Blancos created a lot of danger from his wing.

Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid had a non-aggression pact, but things changed with the signing of Theo Hernández. Los Blancos will pay the release clause, around €26M for the left back. Why cannot do the same with his brother?