Real Madrid players performance against Sporting Gijón

Real Madrid players performance against Sporting Gijón


Real Madrid achieved the victory yesterday against Sporting Gijón with another comeback in the last minutes. The team managed by Zidane didn’t play their best game, but finally they won with and incredible Isco, who scored two brilliant goals. These are Real Madrid players performance in yesterday’s game:

Kiko Casilla: Kiko Casilla couldn’t save the two shots Real Madrid received in all the entire game. He substituted Keylor between the sticks, showing he can be a good keeper for Los Blancos.

Danilo: He grew with the pass of the minutes. He gave a brilliant assist to Morata in the second goal for Los Blancos and he almost scored in the 61st minute from a header.

Ramos: The captain didn’t rest in yesterday’s game with a Real Madrid with a lot of changes in the line -up. He was the kaiser in the defense, and in the last minutes he played as a striker looking for the desperate 2-3, but finally Isco scored the goal in 89th minute.

Nacho: The Spaniard full back showed several doubts in the first half but he grew with the pass of the minutes. He finished the game without a yellow card that would prohibit him play El Clásico next weekend. He almost scored in the first minutes of the second half but Cuéllar prevented it with a great save.

Fabio Coentrao: He didn’t start good the match but we can say he had a better performance than in the last game he played (Sporting Lisbon- Real Madrid). In the 57th minute Zidane decided to replace him by Marcelo because Los Blancos were loosing the game and they needed the Brazilian left back in the pitch.

James: He was the player who most ran in the squad. The Colombian midfielder had a great chance to show his quality but we saw him that he is not 100& fit. In the 73rd minute he had a good opportunity to score with a long shot from out of the box that almost gave the third goal for Los Blancos.

Kovacic: He played in Casemiro’s position and he didn’t fell conformable during the clash. He showed his tremendous technical quality, able to steal a ball in his own field and reach the opponent box with certain facility. With Isco and James in the midfield, he had to defend more than habitually.

Isco: The MVP of the game. There are no words to describe his performance. He scored the first goal for Los Blancos with a very good play, dribbling two opponents and scoring from a great let footed shot. He was the most active player in the pitch and in the last minutes he gave the victory for Los Blancos scoring his second personal goal with another brilliant play. Now with Bale’s injury, the Andalusian playmaker seems to be his substitute in Tuesday’s match against Bayern Munich.

Lucas Vázquez: He didn’t play his best match with Real Madrid’s shirt. In fact he was substituted in the 70th minute and he was very angry with his performance.

Asensio: He played in the left side of the pitch and he had some chances to score his goal. He was the player who helped Isco to have the ball possession and in the second half, when Lucas left the pitch, he played in the right side.

Morata: Morata is playing really good when he has the chance to be in Zidane’s line-up. The Spanish striker tied the match (2-2) with a good header from a cross of Danilo, showing his great scoring ability.

Marcelo: The Brazilian left back was the first Zidane’s substitution. He entered by Fabio Coentrao in the 57th minute and he helped to do another comeback being very dangerous in the left side of the pitch.

Mariano: He had 20 minutes to show his quality and he had a good chance to score from a cross of James but his header finished above the bar. We saw him very active, as always.

Casemiro: He entered in the last minutes of the match by Kovacic. When Real Madrid scored the third goal he played as a full back.