Sadar, Cursed Stadium for Real Madrid

Sadar, Cursed Stadium for Real Madrid


Real Madrid travel to Pamplona on Saturday evening to face Osasuna, the bottom of the table. The game between the top of La Liga and the worst team should be easy but the recent history of these games warn us about the difficulty of getting the three points out of Pamplona.

Barcelona beat recently Osasuna at their home, but they had to suffer until the second half and thanks to Messi. Sevilla also had difficulties to earn the three points and they had to come back twice to win (3-4) in a great game. Despite these games, the truth is that Osasuna is the worst team in La Liga and they haven’t won any game at home in the competition.

However, Real Madrid always had problems in their stadium. Last time Los Blancos played in La Liga at Reyno de Navarra, former Sadar, Real Madrid only got a draw. Sergio Ramos was sent off in the first half and Osasuna took the lead with two goals scored by Oriol Riera. Ancelotti’s team drew thanks to the goals of Isco and Pepe. Osasuna were relegated to the Second Division that season.

Real Madrid most recent game at Pamplona was the 15th of January 2015 when they met in Copa del Rey. Los Blancos won the first leg at home (2-0) and they beat again Osasuna (0-2) with the goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo and Di María.

In La Liga, Los Blancos haven’t won at Pamplona since 2012. Before, 2013, they only got one point n a goalless draw under Mourinho’s management and with Kaká being sent off. Mourinho was luckier in 2012 and they thrashed Osasuna with Cristiano Ronaldo and Higuaín scoring twice and Benzema opening the score.

Actually the best memories in El Sadar remind us to Gonzalo Higuaín. The Argentinian scored the winner in the 89th minute in 2008 to win La Liga under Schuster’s management.

In the previous two seasons, Real Madrid also lost twice. In 2011, a goal scored by Camuñas meant the defeat and in 2009 Osasuna came back with the goals from Plasil and Juanfran -yes, the one who missed the penalty in the Champions League final- to beat (2-1) Real Madrid, who finished playing with nine players because Míchel Salgado and Huntelaar were sent off.

So, in the last 7 meetings at El Sadar, Real Madrid have only won 2, draw 3 and lost 2 games. Statistics that we should bear in mind when travelling to Pamplona.