Sergio Ramos, the Angel of Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos, the Angel of Real Madrid


In the worst moments, Sergio Ramos always shows up. The captain has the skills to arise in the game and saved the club. At San Paolo he did it again. When Real Madrid were suffering and Napoli were only one goal away from the quarter-finals, the Spaniard saved their team with two headers to reach the next round of the Champions League.

His legend started in Lisbon in 2014. In the legendary 93rd minute, Sergio Ramos drew the final of the Champions League against Atlético de Madrid. Since that moment, the captain has scored 21 goals with Real Madrid. In 18 of them, Los Blancos were losing or drawing the game. Therefore, he is the new angel for the Real Madrid supporters.

We can remember some magic goals like the one scored in the final of the FIFA World Cup against San Lorenzo in 2015, the one scored in the final of the Champions League in 2016 against Atlético de Madrid in Milan, the goal in El Clásico in 2016 at Camp Nou, another goal against Deportivo in the last minute in La Liga in 2016 or the penalty in the ‘panenka style’ against Sevilla in Copa del Rey this year.

Now we can add two more goals to Sergio Ramos history. Both scored from corner kicks assisted by Toni Kroos. Actually, the German midfielder is the best associate for Sergio Ramos. The former Bayern Múnich player has given 10 assists to Sergio Ramos, 6 of them this year.

When Toni Kroos arrived to Madrid, in the season 2014/15, the German gave four assist to Sergio Ramos. Osasuna, Deportivo or Málaga have suffered the connection Toni Kroos-Sergio Ramos. Perhaps, the defender is now one of the best ever footballers in the corner kicks. Obviously, Toni Kroos also helped to continue with this legend.