Zidane Avoids Self-Criticism: We played Well

Zidane Avoids Self-Criticism: We played Well

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Real Madrid suffered to win at San Paolo but Los Blancos are in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Zinedine Zidane spoke after the game and he was happy about the result and even about the game, although Napoli were much better than Los Blancos in the first half.

However, Sergio Ramos showed up again to save Los Blancos: “We had difficulties in the first half. They did a great first half, we weren’t accurate but we rectified and we played better”, Zidane analyzed after the game. The manager avoided to complain about the way of playing: “We’ve won and that’s it. 3-1 and that’s it”, he said.

The first two goals of Real Madrid came in set pieces: “We’re playing well, we can’t play 90 minutes well and especially in a difficult ground like this. We knew that in the first half they were going to put pressure on us. We play well. Can we do it better? In the second half we did it.

The French coach made his analysis of the game: “We suffered a lot in the first half, especially at the beginning we didn’t do it what we wanted. They pressured very high and the stole a lot of balls. The second half was completely different. We played more in their pitch and we are happy with the tie”.

The manager was asked again about the first half and the bad performance of the team: “I’m not concerned about the first half, but it’s true that we can improve. We knew that playing in this ground and with the pressure they put you in difficulties. In the second half we played well”, the manager commented.

Finally, he answered some questions about the BBC: “I don’t agree with the opinion that Bale has not helped in defense, like Cristiano in his wing. It’s a problem for everybody that we didn’t start the game properly. Cristiano and Bale helped the defense”.