Sergio Ramos Criticized Piqué for the Independence of Catalonia

Sergio Ramos Criticized Piqué for the Independence of Catalonia


Spain is living turbulent days because Catalonia wants to get the independence from Spain and they are trying to organize and illegal referendum on Sunday. These facts are agitating the whole society including football and it’s affecting Real Madrid and their players.

For instance, Julen Lopetegui, the Spanish national coach, has to elaborate a list for the upcoming international games. In this list there will be Catalan players and some of them are supporting this illegal referendum, but still they will travel and wear the Spanish t-shirt.

Among these players we can find Gerard Piqué, the Barcelona captain. He published a controversial tweet supporting the celebration of this polemic referendum.

“From today until Sunday, we will express ourselves peacefully. We shouldn’t give them any excuse. It’s what they want. And sign strong and high, #we’ll vote”, the tweet says. Piqué said that he will leave the national team after the World Cup in Russia, but he never thought about quitting before even if he does want to vote to leave Spain.

This cause a fast reaction in sports, including Real Madrid. Sergio Ramos, the captain, wanted to criticize Gerard Piqué for his words, especially now that he’s going to play with Spain: “Piqué’s tweet is not the best if you don’t want to get booed”, Ramos said mentioning the problems Piqué had when he goes with the national team, because part of the country whistles him.

“Perhaps this tweet is not the best for the group, but everybody is free to say what they think”, the Real Madrid captain said. Sergio Ramos and Gerard Piqué will see each other again next week, when the national team gathers in Madrid.