Sergio Ramos denies Isco bust-up

Sergio Ramos denies Isco bust-up


Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has denied he had a falling out with midfielder Isco in their side’s 2-0 win over Malaga at the weekend.

Isco, a summer signing from Malaga, was seen hugging some of his former team mates in the tunnel just before the two teams took to the pitch on Saturday afternoon. As he was doing so, television cameras caught Ramos saying “that’s enough” and urging his to focus on the game instead.

There have been reports of discord among some of the players already this season, while there were constant stories of disharmony in the squad last season under Jose Mourinho, with infighting given one of the key factors as to why Los Blancos so underachieved last season.

But Ramos said the media was making up stories as they had nothing else to write on a slow news day. Taking to his Twitter page, Ramos stated: “When it’s a slow news day you can always count on someone making something up.”

“There’s nothing weird about greeting your former team mates – I’m the first to do so,” he continued, before adding “Not everyone gets our sense of humour, Isco.”

The 21-year-old creative midfielder took to the social media site to respond, saying: “As for Sergio and people who like to go on about things they know nothing about, it was standard banter. He’s always got my back!’