Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio await second baby

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio await second baby


Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has announced he and his partner Pilar Rubio will have their second baby in a few months, as the television presenter is pregnant again.

Ramos and Rubio’s first son, Sergio Jr., was born in May last year. The couple have been very happy with their new life, and now they want to give little Sergio a little brother or sister.

The Los Blancos footballer published a message in his Twitter and Instagram account announcing the good news: “Today we want to celebrate with all of you that Sergio Jr. will soon have a little brother or sister.”

Sergio and Pilar have been a couple since 2012, when they fell in love at first sight. A few months after starting dating, they had a crisis and were close to breaking up, but they finally made peace and are one of the most stable famous couples in Spain at the moment.

Born in 1978, Pilar Rubio is a famous TV presenter, actress and model. She’s eight years older than Ramos, although that is not an obstacle for them. In 2009 she was named Spain’s most sexy woman by magazine FHM.