Should the BBC Start the Derby?

Should the BBC Start the Derby?


Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. The three stars of Real Madrid haven’t played a single game together in this season. Finally, the three of them are fit to be included in the list of the derby and Zinedine Zidane has to decide whether to put them in the pitch or leave a card on the bench. What would you do?

We have to look back at the Spanish Supercup in August to see them in the same list. However, they didn’t play together because Cristiano Ronaldo came in replacing Benzema. After that, Cristiano was suspended, Benzema got injured and Bale started with his physical problems. As a result of this, Zidane had never to decide if he wants them in the starting eleven.

Surprisingly, Zidane could only count with his three stars in 28 games out of 106, the 26% of the games he’s been on the bench. This low number reflects the problems with the injuries of the stars, able to win two Champions League (2014 and 2016) as the main stars of the club.

The situation has changed dramatically since then. Bale’s injury allowed Isco to start the games. Now, the playmaker is the best of the team, forming a great society with Marco Asensio. Besides, Zidane changed the formation to 4-4-2 gaining in balance and controlling more the games in the midfield.

“The BBC is no negotiable”, Zidane said in press conference when he was unveiled. However, now it’s very hard to think that this statement is still in his mind. In the derby against Atlético Madrid he will have all the squad available with the exception of Mateo Kovacic. We will see his choices, but Benzema and Bale should fight for the only available position in the starting eleven. Actually, we should add Marco Asensio to the possibilities as he’s deserving more minutes with his performances in the pitch.

If you were Zidane, would you include the BBC in the starting eleven at Wanda Metropolitano?