These matches make the team stronger – Benitez

These matches make the team stronger – Benitez


Rafa Benitez congratulated his team on their 3-1 victory over Celta Vigo and defined it as a great team effort.

“This type of matches are very positive for the future, because they make the team stronger,” he said at the press conference.

Asked about the best player of the match, Benitez claimed “the whole team was the best, because after the tough game against Paris Saint-Germain, they were able to suffer against a direct rival for the championship.”

Despite showing a great superiority in the first hour, Real struggled in the final minutes when Celta were down to ten men. Benitez believes the lack of rest after the PSG game was one of the reasons: “I’m sure in the next dates other teams will suffer the problem of having little time to recover from a Champions League match. We have earned three important points against a strong rival and in a very difficult stadium.”

“We have had plenty of occasions today to seal the victory. We have to be satisfied and analyse everything we have not done well, and reinforce the good aspects,” he added.

“It was an attractive game for all fans, due to the number of scoring chances. The way La Liga is right now, Celta will be in the top positions for many dates,” Benitez concluded.


  1. Comment:It was an incredible performance not only from the team, but the exuberance of the manager in maintaining the whole three points. What only needs to be done is in the area of complacency; I believe the team more or less had developed the syndrome of complacent game right from the start of the season. Atletico clash shall conclude the remaining statement. At the same time,while the recovery of the players is gaining momentum, there is a need to device a means in which players like Rinaldo and Kroons be rested for avoiding muscular problems. I believe by now,the teams’ bench warmers are making a sumptuous contribution to the teams’ play.In that regard,rotation is an easy way of tackling such an expected issue.Hala Madrid!!!