The Key Mistakes Causing Real Madrid Problems

The Key Mistakes Causing Real Madrid Problems


After only three months, this team has changed a lot and the great performances are now forgotten, while the squad is struggling to beat any rival. There are enough symptoms to go off the alarms because the team is not working in La Liga and in the Champions League. Now we want to enumerate some of the issues causing this crisis.

Important Absences

Cristiano Ronaldo pointed out after the defeat against Tottenham Hotspur that Los Blancos are missing some players: “Pepe, Morata and James made us stronger […]. It’s not a worse squad, but it has less experience and the experience is very important”, Cristiano said at Wembley. Besides, there are key players injured like Carvajal, Bale and Mateo Kovacic, important absence in this team.

Attacking Issues

Obviously, there is a problem with the goal. Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema have only scored one goal in La Liga, with Marco Asensio as the topscorer. The French striker is far from his best level, being heavily criticized and this season he has not a substitute. Mayoral is not mature enough to play with Los Blancos, whereas Morata left in summer.

Conceding too many goals

Real Madrid showed a great defensive fragility at Wembley. Kiko Casilla is far from keeping Keylor Navas level. Besides, there is a big issue with the right and left back. Marcelo is not at his best and Achraf is too young, so the team is missing Dani Carvajal. Four clean sheets since the start of the season is not enough for a big club.

The Midfield is not the best of the world

The problems arrive also to the midfield. Especially Toni Kroos and Luka Modric are not showing a great level. They are very slow, unable to move the ball very quickly as they used to do it. Besides, there aren’t relevant substitutes because Zidane is not giving many minutes to Llorente or Ceballos.

Zidane and mistakes in the formation

Zidane chose to play with three defenders in the second half against Tottenham or Girona. This never works. Besides, he’s not finding solutions on the bench, like it happened last season. The new signings are not having enough weight in the squad, whereas some veterans like Lucas Vázquez is not highlighting when he’s in the line-up.


  1. the team just needs to co-operate the midfield of kroos,casemiro,modric & isco should be able to provide the ball to the fowards……..but real will pick up to its best in laliga especially if it wins agaist Atletico,barcelona & sevilla