Zidane: All the Players made a great game and we’re Satisfied

Zidane: All the Players made a great game and we’re Satisfied


Real Madrid beat Fuenlabrada (0-2) in Copa del Rey in a boring game. At least, Los Blancos fulfilled the goal and they are just one step ahead of the next round of the competition.

Zinedine Zidane spoke after the game about the performance and he was quite happy about the match: “Clean sheet, we had patience and we found the goal. All the players made a great game and we’re satisfied”, the coach analyzed.

He also spoke about Jesús Vallejo, who made his debut with Los Blancos and saw the red card: “He cannot be happy although he did a serious game. These things happen, it’s a red card, but I’ll remember his game”.

Zinedine Zidane was also asked about the security of his trip to Girona after the circumstances around Catalonia and the possible independence: “We’re not worried. Nothing changes about the situation of the trip and the security will be the same. We’ll play as we always do, without thinking in other things. I’m not going to send any message. We’ll think in our game, we want to play football and we want to give a good show. They’ll put the security so nothing happens”.

The last time Zidane went to Fuenlabrada, he was training Castilla: “I thought I came back two years after playing with Castilla. I’m happy to enjoy what I’m doing. Now again facing Fuenlabrada and happy for the game. I lost once and today we won”.

Finally, Zidane analyzed Fuenlabrada: “I don’t remember very well the game of two years ago. What it’s pretty clear is that today they are a good team. They are in the second place in the league and they are a good team. The first half was 0-0, so this means they did great and we found the space with patience”.