Zidane: The Ball Doesn’t Want to Go In

Zidane: The Ball Doesn’t Want to Go In


What is going on at Real Madrid? This is the question the supporters are asking themselves. The team has only got two points out of 9 at home and they are 7 points behind FC Barcelona. On Wednesday, they got beaten by Betis at home (0-1) thanks to a late goal scored by Tony Sanabria.

Zinedine Zidane is not happy with the results, but he blames the luck: “This is football, when the ball doesn’t want to go in, this can happen. We didn’t do a great game, but neither a bad one. We had chances, but the ball doesn’t want to go in, especially in our stadium. Calm, this is very long”.

The problems are arriving at home, where Los Blancos have drawn 2 games and lost one: “We have to live with this. There are three games and the start of the championship at home is not the right one. We didn’t think this was going to be like this, but we can’t change it. What we can change is the next game. Doing the maximum to win. And in the next game at home we have to do everything to win”.

The president, Florentino Pérez, went to the dressing room to speak with the players: “The president’s word is to cheer the players up, this is what they need”, Zidane said. Especially Cristiano Ronaldo, who played his first minutes in La Liga but he was a bit anxious: “Not at all, on the contrary. We are happy to have Cristiano with us and he’s happy to be with the team”, the manager said.

Obviously, Real Madrid are having problems converting the chances: “The ball didn’t want to go in. We had 26 or 26 chances and it didn’t want to go in. It wasn’t a great game, but it wasn’t a bad one as well. If you score one, the game is different. We have to be calm, but we got two points out of 9 at home”.

The journalists asked Zidane if he regrets any substitution, because he took out Modric and introduced Mayoral, messing a bit the players: “I don’t regret anything. I always want to win the game. You can make different substitutions, but the idea is always the same: winning the game”.