Zidane coddles James Rodríguez

Zidane coddles James Rodríguez


After winning the FIFA Club World Cup trophy, James Rodríguez spoke in front of the press and he explained his anger for not playing any minute in the last game. The Colombian was ready to leave Real Madrid even in winter. Only two weeks after, Zidane wanted to pamper James Rodríguez and gave him affection from the press conference.

It was Zinedine Zidane’s first appearance in 2017 just before the first game of the year against Sevilla in Copa del Rey. James Rodríguez was the most important in the press conference after his words at the end of 2016. Just two weeks after, everything looks quieter: “Anyway, at the end, James is a Real Madrid player, an important footballers. I’m going to behave with James in the same way as with the others. We’re going to keep working all together. It’s a difficult moment when you don’t play a final, you’re angry. I understand that sometimes is difficult but it’s complicated for everybody. This is already the past. We want to look ahead and see what it’s in front of us”, Zidane said.

Zidane took over Benítez’s job only one year ago: “I was more stressed in the unveiling. We are always with nerves. […] I feel good and happy with the job, this is very long”, Zidane said. Even if he has won three trophies, Zidane thinks he has still a lot to learn: “I have to improve in everything. This is already going to be like that, like when I was a player. […] I’m convinced I have passion for football. I have this inside all my life. This is something a footballer or a coach has to have. I’m happy for what I do every day”.

Only after one year in Real Madrid bench, he could win The Best Award: “I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m not the best coach of the year. It would be normal that any other wins the trophy, I have just started. I have to keep working and show much moe, but we are working on it”.

About the game against Sevilla, the French manager explained that Sergio Ramos needs to rest a bit more to be 100% fit. Besides, Pepe could also miss the match but the manager still trusts him, although he could leave the club at the end of the year: “He’s our player, important. He’s been here 10 years, he has already made history in this club and I want him to continue here. I’m not interested in what people say, but in what he’s going to do with us until the end”.

The manager was also asked about Sevilla, a team they beat in the European Supercup back in August: “I think they are a very competitive team, with a lot of confidence. It’s going to be a complicated game for us, I hope also for them. I think it’s going to be a great game. It’s been six months since the victory in the Supercup, you don’t get assurance to win now”, Zidane explained.

Finally, the manager also analyzed the moment of the team: “The good news is that after six months is good to have some rest. I think one week with the family and resting is good. What it’s true is that we need to work when we are back and we had a week to work and that’s good. It’s going to be difficult to work like this week because we are going to play every three days. In 70 days we have 20 games, so we are going to work less but it’s normal. What the player likes is to play”, Zidane finished.