Zidane: We are Going to Try to Win

Zidane: We are Going to Try to Win


Zinedine Zidane spoke in press conference before facing Atlético Madrid in the second leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League. The manager is relaxed after the game, although he knows it will be tough to go through. The idea is to attack and score at least one goal.

The manager doesn’t want to play with the result obtained in the first leg: “In football you never know, we only want to play great to go through. We start with 0-0 and we have to win to go through. We are going to try to win”.

The team is in a good run and they want to keep going like this until the end of the season: “Physically we are in a great moment, the footballers who play more and the ones that play less. They know we face now the most difficult part but it’s beautiful. You are working 8 months to arrive to this moment”.

The manager also wanted to defend his players: “The dressing room is very professional and they are ambitious. We know where we are but we have a passion. Every game is different and tomorrow’s is complicated. We have to be focused on what we want to do”.

Zizou didn’t want to think about the result at Bernabéu: “The way to be wrong tomorrow is thinking about the first leg. We have to do it well, not invent anything strange. We are one step away from the final, but we are not there”.

The coach continued with the idea of winning the game: “We are going to try playing and score, like always. What we want to do won’t change”. However, it won’t be easy: “I’m sure we’ll suffer but we are going to keep going. Trying to do the best from the first minute”.

Zidane’s work will depend on these five games until the end of the season: “Failure is not doing the maximum to get the things done. Besides, in these 8-9 months the players have worked with a lot of professionalism. Every three days we have the possibility to show what we are doing. Being unfair or the failure is not doing your best”.

Finally, the French coach analyzed which things changed from his arrival: “We’ve won two finals but we can’t think about it. Tomorrow is another game. We have our weapons and they have theirs. Winning these two finals don’t mean that we’re going to go through and if we think about it we are wrong”.