Zidane: I Hope to Win the Copa del Rey

Zidane: I Hope to Win the Copa del Rey


Real Madrid make their season debut in the Copa del Rey on Thursday against Fuenlabrada, a team from the third division of the Spanish football in another derby of the Spanish capital.

Zinedine Zidane has never won the Copa del Rey and he has to deal with this format, with two legs: “I’m ok with the competition although in other countries it’s done in a different way, but in Spain we have two legs. What I think doesn’t matter, I have to be focus and now I cannot tell you. I’ve never won the Copa, it’s true. I don’t have any problems with the Cups, but it’s true that I’ve never won it, but I hope I can win it”.

Although this competition is the less relevant, they want to win it: “It’s not a personal issue, it’s something all the squad thinks, we are thrilled to play the Copa like all the competitions and, like always, we want to give everything. We are going to try to play a good football match and we don’t have to think that we’re not interested in the Copa. We have to win all the games with this t-shirt”, the coach commented.

Zidane is being very successful with Real Madrid, but he’s not thinking if he can stay 5 or 10 years more: “You know it’s not like this, I’m going to think only in this year. I have a lot of experience, especially as a player, and nothing about euphoria, never, only work. I don’t think in the future”.

The French coach received The Best Award on Monday but he doesn’t think much about it: “I can tell you I accept this prize, it’s the job we’ve done until now. We’ve won a lot with this group. I don’t say I don’t deserve it. If you ask me if I’m the best, I tell you ‘no’. There are betters. If in 10 years I’m training, we’ll see, not now”.