Zidane: I’m not Afraid of Anything

Zidane: I’m not Afraid of Anything


The French manager has a challenge in front of him and he wants to beat Bayern Múnich and his former boss Carlo Ancelotti. Zinedine Zidane spoke at the Allianz Arena in the day before the first leg of the quarter finals against Bayern Munich.

The coach looked very relaxed and happy even before a clash like the one we’re going to see in Germany: “Everybody has their own behaviour and mine it’s this. I enjoy myself and try to show what I am. We are going to play a quarter-finals game against Bayern, it’s to have fun. I’m always positive and I don’t think in weird things. That’s why I’m always happy. Then the game starts and I’m like all the other coaches”.

Zidane will face for the very first time Carlo Ancelotti, a coach he knows very well: “I learnt a lot of things but I’m not going to tell you what”, the manager said. “Carlo and I know each other very well, but this doesn’t mean anything. We are two very good teams and we are going to play against each other. We are not going to play against Carlo”, Zizou explained.

The French manager showed he’s very brave despite this is only his second season training Real Madrid: “I’m not afraid of anything. We have to play our game. We respect all the rivals. Bayern have very good players in all the lines”

Zidane knows what is the danger of Bayern Munich: “I expect Bayern will start very strong. They always start strong and they know how to attack. That’s why we need to start strong. We have to keep showing we are doing right. Our task is to do the maximum during the game”.

Everybody expects the BBC to play: “They are very good players, with a lot of experience. The better they are, the more critics they receive. I have three players with a lot of personality, who don’t get afraid. This is a game they enjoy. I think people in Spain value them, and Spanish people know a lot about football”.

Real Madrid beat Bayern three years ago playing with the counter attack: “We are going to try to win, like always. We have the three at the front and a great team. Three years ago, it was amazing, but tomorrow we have a different game, against a stronger team”.

The manager thinks that Lewandowski will play the game, despite his physical problems and he’s concerned about Sergio Ramos, who will miss the second leg if he sees the yellow card: “He knows and he has to be ready. We are positive and we don’t think in the yellow card”, Zidane finished.