Zidane: Isco won’t leave Real Madrid

Zidane: Isco won’t leave Real Madrid


If James Rodríguez is set to Real Madrid, Isco will stay at Chamartín. Zinedine Zidane was very clear about the Spanish midfielder status at Los Blancos. “Isco is a Real player and is not leaving (Real) Madrid. We’ve just finished the season and haven’t had time to talk about the market or players who may be of interest to Juventus”, he said in Turin.

The 24-year-old midfielder was recently ruled out from the Spanish squad for the Euro2016 after his poor season at Bernabéu. Despite this, he played a few minutes in the Champions League final and he’s got more minutes to enjoy on the pitch than James Rodríguez.

Isco needs to come back after the summer with the strength he played with in his first season at Madrid. Little by little he’s been losing confidence and he’s lost his position in the lineup.

Besides, he might have more competitors next season with Real Madrid targettng Paul Pogba. Zidane’s think he’s a really strong players “He is a great player. Is he a player for Real Madrid? He’s a player for every team, but at this moment he’s a Juventus player and we have to respect that,” he continued.

Finally, Zidane also spoke about Morata’s situation: “He has grown a lot in Italy, where he’s played hard and well. He did very well at Juventus and they’d like keep him for at least another year, so we’ll see what happens in the summer. It’s not yet the time to talk about it.”