Zidane: My Continuity is not Guaranteed

Zidane: My Continuity is not Guaranteed


Zizou spoke in press conference before the derby against Atlético Madrid on Saturday and he shocked the journalist when he was asked about his future: “My continuity is not guaranteed, for this reason I’m not preparing anything. I know what is training Real Madrid for good and for bad. I’m only concerned about the next game. I don’t know what will happen next”.

The French manager might have said these words taking in consideration what happened with Carlo Ancelotti, who was fired only one year after winning the Champions League. With all the titles still to be won, the season could be a great success or a big failure.

Actually, Zidane was asked about the possible failure if Los Blancos don’t win La Liga: “We are here to win La Liga. We are very focus and we know we will play everything in the last games. What we’ve done so far doesn’t mean anything. La Liga in at stake, the Champions is at stake…”, the coach said.

On Saturday, Real Madrid will welcome Atlético Madrid and Zizou expects a very different game from the one played at Bernabéu: “Tomorrow is a different game. Every game has its own history. Atlético are doing great and I don’t expect the same game as the first leg. We suffered a bit and tomorrow could be the same or worse. We want to watch a good football game and that’s it”.

For this reason, Real Madrid will need their supporters: “The supporters are very important to us. They are also going to play the game. It’s very important to us in these last weeks of the season”.

Zinedine Zidane wanted to highlight Atlético Madrid skills before the game: “People talk about Atlético as a team with great defensive skills and it’s true, but they don’t have only this. They’ve improved a lot along the years and they have good attacking skills. The left and right backs played also good… We are going to try to bother the rival”.

Finally, Zidane didn’t want to give clues about who will play the derby: “We are going to have 9 games and everybody is important to me. Not only the BBC, they also know that everybody is important. It’s always complicated to choose the team because everybody is important. Until the end of the season it will be like that”, Zidane finished.