Zidane: Sometimes Ronaldo has to rest

Zidane: Sometimes Ronaldo has to rest


Real Madrid lost two more points this weekend against Las Palmas. The team managed by Zidane played a good match, but they could only obtained a draw. Zinedine Zidane spoke in press conference about what he thinks of the match, the substitutions and the attitude of the team.

When the journalists asked Zidane about the match in the Canary Islands, the French manager did a resume of the game highlighting the good game his players made. “Sometimes in football you can have many chances but is not enough. We must fight until the end and it´s a pity to receive a goal in the end. I think we made a great match. We played a very good match from the beginning until the end, not as against Villarreal, when we played a very bad first half. When you receive two goals there´s always something you can improve. We lost two points but we are going to continue”, Zidane explained.

Las Palmas are doing a great season this year and they showed it against Real Madrid: “As always a team that plays a very good football, I can say we played against a good opponent, who believed until the end and they achieved the draw”, Zidane said.

The journalists asked Zidane why Real Madrid didn´t finished the match scoring more goals: ”We had many chances to score more goals but we couldn´t finish the match. We controlled the game but in football happens these things. We did what we prepared during the week but if the team receives two goals something we must improve. We must analyze the two goals but I think the team played a good match”, Zidane explained

Cristiano Ronaldo was substituted in the the minute 72 and Zidane explained why he did it: “We have a game on Tuesday and he has to rest. He was playing very well and I had to choose somebody and I thought that the best idea was to change Cristiano”, Zidane explained about the unexpected substitution of Cristiano.


  1. Comment: not like yester day march wi need him in dat march u not sopurst to rimove him in dat march is very painful for me for the lost of dat march pls I don’t like it

  2. Guys that decision was risky but vital inrder to prevent him from any injury blow cos we all know that we have a crucial match ahead on Tuesday…..I hope that call was the right one……Hala Madrid!!!

  3. Guys let’s forget about what Zidane did cos that was a risky but crucial and necessary decision inorder to prevent any injury blow cos we all know that we have a very important match on Tuesday against Borussia Dortmund…….HALA MADRID!!!!!!!!!!!