Zidane: “We Have to Be Worried”

Zidane: “We Have to Be Worried”


Zinedine Zidane wasn’t happy after the second draw in a row at home. Real Madrid lost 4 points in only three games in La Liga and they couldn’t beat Levante, a newly promoted team. Besides, Karim Benzema was injured and he won’t be available the next month.

“We cannot be happy with our game. Now we are four points below and we have to be a little bit worried. We have to find solutions because we didn’t play well”, Zidane said after the game against Levante.

The French manager is trying to find solutions: “We lack a lot of things today. The starts of the games are very important for us and we didn’t start well today. We played against a team locked up and we have to be intense and we didn’t make it. We have to score first and they did it, this bothers me. We don’t have to be mad and think already in the next game. We have to play better”, Zizou analyzed.

Zidane made many changes in the line-up, but the rotations weren’t the problem: “I’m not going to change what I’m doing with this team. I’m not going to change. We shouldn’t get crazy for one bad game because I believe in this and we’re keeping in the same line”.

Now, Real Madrid will face a problem because Benzema is injured and Cristiano is suspended: “This is the squad we have and we have to look for solutions here. Cristiano and Benzema weren’t here and we cannot change this. We’re going to find solutions with the things we have, we have this in the squad. We have to be more effective. We cannot be happy with the content of the game. We have to play better to sum”.

Finally, Zidane spoke about the challenging month they have ahead: “We cannot think, we have to play the Champions League on Wednesday and La Liga on Sunday. We have to forget what happened today, analyzed it it and find solutions in this squad that is closed”.