Asensio crying: I’ve dreamt to play here since I was a child

Asensio crying: I’ve dreamt to play here since I was a child


Marco Asensio was the protagonist today at Santiago Bernabéu together with Florentino Pérez. The president wanted to be present to unveil Marco Asensio, one of the most promising players in the Spanish football.

The playmaker was dressed in a business attire and couldn’t avoid to cry when he had to speak in front of the media: “It’s a moving day. It’s something I’ve dreamt since I was a child. I’ll give everything for this t-shirt”, Asensio said.

Marco Asensio impressed everybody in the tour around the United States and he played really well in the first big game of the season against Sevilla in the European Supercup, scoring the first game of the season: “I’m very happy to arrive, get the first title and, on top of that, score a goal. I’ll keep working in the training sessions to have more minutes”, Asensio said.

The young midfielder arrived from Espanyol after a successful season on loan in the Barcelona club. Real Madrid signed him two years ago from Mallorca, his home club: “Since I was 10 I played there (Mallorca). I have to thank them a lot. I grew up there, I was educated… A big part of myself today is for Mallorca and the education I got”.

Asensio also spoke about Zidane: “He trusts me, he told me he was very happy and he wanted me to stay. Zidane assured me he was going to be fair with me, so I have to work hard in the training sessions”.

Asensio was unveiled at 13.00 (local time) for Florentino Pérez, as he did yesterday with Morata: “Today is a big day because we’re welcoming a great footballer. He has great quality and he always dreamt to wear this t-shirt. I know this was your wish and you really feel this club. You’re the youngest player to score a goal with this t-shirt in an European competition”, Florentino remarked.

From now on, Asensio has the responsibility of wearing the Real Madrid t-shirt. The first time will be tonight, in the Santiago Bernabéu Trophy against Stade Reims.